Tips on Building a Better Website!


Have you noticed a drop in your website traffic, if you even had any traffic at all? Without traffic how can you get viewers, followers, fans, or sell products? Your website needs traffic. How can you attract more traffic to your website? According to a website article, you need to find a healthy balance between what you have to offer and what your potential customers are looking for. Some of the strategies to consider when rethinking your website include: giving your customer closure with a popup that says your order is processing, making obvious stuff obvious such as hours and phone numbers, choosing the right color that is easy on the eyes, and using Fitt’s law which means placing larger items on your website such as buttons and headlines. If you still don’t have a website (what are you waiting for this is the twenty-first century!) don’t worry. According to another article, it is rather simple to make a, well, simple website. Some of the elements that you need to focus on include: choosing a platform, picking a domain name, getting hosting, and designing it.

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